MAR 2017 - Melbourne Nestbox Workshop

Want to build your own wildlife nesting box?
Need to learn how to design, install and maintain a box.

Creating genuine homes for wildlife is exceptionally rewarding. In this workshop we bring a leader in nest-box designs and installation. Reveal the secrets to providing a box for wildlife, keep out unwanted pests birds and bees plus make long lasting boxes that will keep your family thrilled.

Cost: $169

Where: Eltham

Bring the family or friends and have a rewarding and informative day out. We provide the box for you to assemble (Choose from 3 designs). Showbag of wildlife goodies included!
Bookings a must
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Call: 040080 99 22 or sms your interest.

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MAR 2017 - Melbourne Venom Workshop

Melbourne - March 2017 Venom Workshop

A workshop on learning the aspects of snake venom, anti venom and how and why snakes use their venom. This workshop covers the basic and with our special guest speaker the rare chance to directly find out about the keeping of venomous snakes and issues of venom in snakebites across Australia.

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AWS_Melb Venom _2017_PeterM_V2

MAR 2017 - Melbourne Rescue and Rehab Workshop

This workshop will suit those who are engaged in reptile rehabilitation efforts. We will cover handling techniques, pain management, wound management, feeding, thermal and enclosure requirements and an insight into the variables that will effect the good release of reptiles.

We will cover working with and housing venomous snakes for those that extend their care to include the venomous variety.

Includes Living with Snakes and other Reptiles book (CSIRO), venomous snake poster, wildlife coffee mug and Wildlife Secret magazines, plus the certificate of attendance!
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