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Current magazine - Rainbow Bee-eater

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Back Copy Bundle 1 - Vol 1 Nos 1-6 -- $49.95
Back Copy Bundle 2 - Vol 2 Nos 1-6 -- $49.95
Back Copy Bundle 3 - Vol 3 Nos 1-6 -- $49.95
Back Copy Super Bundle Vol 1, 2 and 3 -- twelve mags for just $119.95!
Back Copy Vol 4 No 1 [galah] -- $9.95
Back Copy Vol 4 No 2 [frilled neck: reptile special] -- $9.95
Current Issue Vol 4 No 3 [rainbow bee-eater] -- $9.95

For a list of all of the issues to date, please check out our blog site here where you can view the cover and contents of all the issues.

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Living with Snakes ($34.95, inc postage and delivery in Australia)

Living with Snakes ($47.95, inc postage and delivery to international destinations)
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** Author-signed copies **

Simon Watharow's Living with Snakes and Other Reptiles provides a layperson’s account of why these creatures behave the way they do and what makes people get into trouble.

The book sheds new light on snakes, lizards and crocodiles, helps you to identify them and dispels some common myths and fallacies. Click here for more detail.

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